mercredi 14 février 2018

Mississippi Blood Cake ( Southern Psychic Sisters Mysteries 2) by A. Gardner

Hello to all,

 Since today is St Valentine i decided to share my opinion on the last book i fell in love with. Really i asked to review it because it was a genre and a setting i loved but i wasn't expecting such pleasure so while you eat some chocolate.....

Happy reading!
Publisher: Gardner Books
Publication: 2018

Genre: paranormal cozy mystery
Violence: mild

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+

Description from goodreads :

 The Greene sisters are back in this witchin' new series from USA Today bestselling author A. GARDNER!

Kill 'em with kindness . . . or just kill 'em.

A simple act of southern hospitality pulls Ember Greene into a murder investigation when she finds her new neighbor, a vampire exec at Corpse Corp., dead. And the mysterious wound that killed him points to someone she least suspects.

The coastal town of Misty Key is in a frenzy with the annual craft fair approaching, a ghastly remodel at the Crystal Grande Hotel, and a Peeping Tom haunting the streets at night. But with the family bakery struggling to stay afloat, Ember doesn't have time for gossip.

Until her friend is framed for murder.

To save an innocent soul, she enlists the help of a bloodhound named Yogi and her sister who sees the dead and uses her psychic gifts to snuff out the real killer. Something isn't right in the magical world, and a trail of clues leads her to another victim – one with a secret worth dying for.

Can Ember catch the murderer and save the family bakery?

Book 2 in the Southern Psychic Sisters mystery series! A light-hearted cozy mystery featuring quirky small-town characters, magic, and recipes. This book does not contain cliffhangers, graphic violence, gore, or profanity.

My opinion:
          Fabulous!!! I loved this paranormal cozy mystery...really it was read in one sitting and  i'm just wanting to read more now. The story is great well paced and  great bonus (cherry on the cake) i didn't guess all what was happening in the first chapters. No , there are a lot of twists and so well written that you keep being surprised until the end so this one is definitively a favourite.

I guess i should explain a little more, this is the second book in the series but you can jump in the wagon without worry of being lost. Ember is a seer with the power of numbers...she is born in a seers family so her sisters and mother also have powers but each one has a different one , like Stevie the oldest who see the this universe Seers are seen as mediator between aside from a mundane job to have funds to live they must work free for the greater good...Ember works in the family bakery- as far from the oven as possible-but when her neighbour is killed in strange circumstances and one of her shifter friend is being accused she must discover the truth and quickly but vampires dead or alive are not the most cooperative being.

I loved to see the relation between the sisters and how different they are, Ember is really cute and i loved the fact she was not perfect , far from it even. She is loyal and still learning her gift so i really admired her.I would also love to learn more about Stevie, her gift isn't the easiest and as single mother she must even have harder but still she is smiling and cooking fantastic cake to make other happy. Aqua is the rebel one and she can be funny but i most loved the dog Yogi. Thad is funny and i definitively want to learn more about him too.

This is the perfect book if you want a cozy mystery with paranormal element set in the south so i recommend it without any hesitation while waiting for book 3!

Score:  5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

lundi 12 février 2018

Release Me (Storm Lords 3) by Nina Croft

Hello to all,

                     Winter certainly came late but now it's here full force with more than one week under zero...which give me plently of time to read. I've always loved what i 've read from Nina Croft and there is one series i somewhat missed " Storm Lords"...this week the third instalment release in a anthology so i had to discover it even if it was totally out of order ( thankfully i got the book i missed now as i need them^^)

So until i give you my opinion on the first two books let's see this 3rd one.

Happy reading

Publisher: nina croft
Publication: 2018
Genre: paranormal romance
Violence: strong
Language: normal
sex: strong
Public: 18+

Description from nina croft website :

 A thousand years ago, Finn Stanton was given a chance to get back the woman he loved enough to break the laws of Heaven. All he has to do is find her, and all she has to do is say I love you.

Never going to happen.

Having drunk of the Elixir of Life, Rachel Miller’s soul is tied to the earth in a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth. A widow, she lives with her six-year-old son in a strict religious community. She has no memory of the lives she has lived, though she is haunted by a love she can’t remember and a loss she can’t overcome.

Finn has no plans to even look for his wife. He betrayed her once, and the best thing he can do for her now is stay away. But fate has a way of hijacking the best of plans and Finn comes face to face with Rachel. Now he has five days before he loses her forever.

My opinion:
          For my first step into this universe i was happily surprised as i didn't feel as i was missing any important elements, we get a few background info and learn more about the universe along the story, so even if it's book 3 you can start with this one and, like me,  jump on what you missed after.

Finn is an alpha but one very protective...and i guess the wolf part is part of the reason that while alpha he doesn't try to dominate Rachel. On the contrary, he still feel guilty for what happened thousand years ago and he is willing to pay for that.
I loved to see him  try to do the right thing.

Rachel has a kind of secluded life but for someone with her power it was probably best as she is really a good person, she is very innocent and following her instinct. She grew on me very quickly.

I loved the universe with angel, fallen ( or so called) angel but more importantly i loved to se how each character lived the situation and still kept hope.

i would say that i only regretted 2 things, one part  2 (or max3) paragraphs seemed to me as repetition and in such a short book, i don't need to have explanation repeated to me ( then in an arc it can happen and final version could differ slightly so it didn't affect my opinion). Then...the ending i would have loved to know more about what Gabriel thought of Cassia intervention because it should definitively count as a breach of the contract and i would have loved to see the reaction of the wolves after but it's only me

so i do recommend this book if you love paranormal romance with fallen angel and shifters

Score:  3,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

mardi 6 février 2018

Review: Omega sector: under siege by Janie Crouch book 1 &2

Hello to all

While it's really freezing here, i'm enjoying reading by the fire since i managed to read two books from a favourite author and since they are part of a serie i opted to give you my opinion  of both of them at the same time.

Let's start with Daddy Defender first book in the Omega Sector: Under Siege series

I loved this book! So far when looking for a good or excellent romance suspense i was never disappointed by this author.

This is kind of a spin off from the main serie " omega team" if we want but we get the same elements we adore. Military alpha men completely at their love interest service. 
In this case we follow Ashton who put this saying into action as he accepts to be seen as the handy man by Summer...while he is in fact elite of the SWAT....He is in loves with her but thinks he has no right as he thinks himself guilty for her husband death as he couldn't save him leaving her alone with a baby girl...For him it's a way to stay near at first to check on her but as his feeling grew it's all what he is allowing himself to get.
Summer is attracted by Ashton and thus call him to repair all what is possible....she doesn't know how to let him know she is interested so she is hesitant but that was cute and her little girl is irresistible when she calls her a-ta^^

I loved to see how their relationship changed with all what was happening and Summer reaction to all of it is more than admirable. She think everyone sees her as a fragile thing but she has an inner strenght bigger than even what she gives herself credit for.

The investigation is perfectly written ( motive, rytmm) and we are on edge to see who get caught and how, while hoping the two main bad characters will pay sooner than than later. This one is a rollecaster of emotion too as there is what they thing to be several investigations going on and the team won't be unscathed ( really why him i loved that character!)but we definitively want more

Then Protector's Instincts second book in the Omega Sector: Under Siege series

As much as i loved all the rest i've read from this author, this book wasn't a favourite at's well written but i really couldn't see the characters as believable so while i really enjoyed the investigation, the action etc it took my pleasure down a little too much.

Zane is feeling guilty for not protecting Caroline, that i can easily understand and his reaction makes perfect sense. I liked how he tried to do what he thought the best . He is really a touching character.
It's Caroline behaviour that bothered me the most.....i liked the fact she was trying to go over the trauma she suffered and how the author showed the difficulty she still had and the frustration it caused. She doesn't want to be seen as the eternal victim she wants her life far perfectly understandable and believable......the fact she would like to go with Zane again too iunderstand as they were a couple before so theere is a trust between them, a bond aleady forged that while it could have become a bit fragile still exist so far so good. The romance between them is kind of cute but i couldn't get into it because Caroline who was assaulted in such a shape she was in coma for a couple of days recover too quickly in my opinion. Really getting intimate with someone you know after such event isn't easy and that part the author really wrote well...but then saying she went with other less than 2y after the believable i mean to get intimate with someone you need a minimum of trust, after such an event you don't trust that easily or quickly so for me Caroline lost any credit and i couldn't follow her adventures with as much interest as i would have loved.

However while the characters got just a 2/5 for me the story in itself is really good and well worth a 4. i loved the rythm and the twists and it was really great to have some infos on the rest of the omegateam or even get a glimpse of them. If we have read Daddy Defender the story take place just after s it's great but i really think that this book, for the main story, can be read as stand alone we get enough info about the main players and what happened to be immersed into the story even if it's better read in order as the red line in the series the big plot run for all the series not just this book ( when the team will discover the mole really!^^)

so it's a good romance suspense if you want to read one

lundi 22 janvier 2018

Moon Cursed (Reluctant Werewolf Chronicles1) by Tori Centanni

Hello to all,

             Today, i'm sharing with you my opinion on a new release, first in a new series, Moon Cursed by Tori Centanni.
I must confess that i nearly gave up on this book as the heroine really got on my nerves so i had to take a break but i'm glad i continued as the story in itself is quite good and the book got a lot better as it progressed....but let see that in more details:

Happy Reading

Publisher: Bad Blood Books
Publication: 2018
Genre: urban fantasy
Violence: strong
Language: mild
sex: none ( allusion LGTB)
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

 My name is Charlotte Lear and I didn’t want to be a werewolf. But thanks to circumstances totally beyond my control — okay, mostly — that’s what I am. Now every month the Full Moon turns me into a hairy, angry, smelly wolf and all I can do is make sure I’m contained so I can’t hurt anyone else.

I’m trying my best to live a normal life (well, as normal as possible when you’re a werewolf and your best friend is dating a vampire). But when the wolf who turned me insists I go to a mandatory wolf pack meeting, everything changes. Before I know it, a group of militant monster hunters armed with silver bullets have me in their sights.

With the help of an annoyingly dogged (but admittedly kind of sexy) werewolf named Raff, I have to stop the hunters before they kill me and every other werewolf they can find.

Moon Cursed is book one of The Reluctant Werewolf Chronicles, a humorous urban fantasy series with lots of suspense and a little bit of romance.

My opinion:
          Hard...really it wasn't easy to get into the story at first as i really disliked Charlie...she is really immature and  so annoying that she got on my nerves. However , if you can read  through these first chapters until the story and investigation really starts  you won't close the book after until it's finished but yes you need to go over the first chapters first.

Charlotte, aka Charlie, is intelligent, she can really be focused on her goals and when she wants something she goes to big end to have could be an advantage but the way she is it's also the opposite as she get too close minded as a result. She wanted to become a she studied them in great length, managed to find some real ones and their address when it's not a well know fact they exist to start with....she put years in this project and  for that i can admire her. Now when things don't go as planned and she becomes a werewolf...she doesn't study it, she isn't trying to understand no she just flatly refuse it, shackles herself, refuse to meet other werewolves and keep thinking they are all mindless beast.....
After spending so much time on vampires i can see why she got disappointed but really 3years and more of this childish behaviour? really? complaining all the time, being jealous of her best friend because he could still become one....not even trying to research a little what she has become? For me that was too stupid and childish!
Later in the story we learn a bit more about her reason but still it was hard to warm up to her.

Raff is the opposite, it was hard not to get attached to him, he is courageous, funny and quite patience to cope with Charlie. I really loved him and Michael is an excellent friend as  well.

I really loved when the story really started with attempted murder on Charlie and other cases, the way she is put in the middle and doesn't have time to really overthink made it very interesting as she is discovering by force what she never wanted to see ( and how wrong she was).....the investigation is fast and we can imagine the next trouble that will arise which make it even more tempting to jump already on the next book ( but not available yet so patience it's needed)

There is a little humour yes but also dark moment and lots of actions. There is the presence of some Lgtb allusions ( Damien and Michael, Jessica and her girlfriend) but as it wasn't the focus on the story and just allusion it didn't bother me.

all together i did enjoy it and i'm very curious to see how the author will process for the rest of the series and see if Charlie will mature a little.

Score:  3/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

lundi 15 janvier 2018

and 2018 starts : Appalachian Prey by Debbie Herbert

Hello to all!!

                    So, already 2018.....i can't say that 2017 was an excellent year so i do have hope for this new one especially since it started quite well as i'm bonding with our new family member..i so needed him. Now i think i can hope for some balance or at least i hope so  to reach that i'm avoiding unecessary stress so if i didn't manage to complete your christmas gift on time i'm sorry i was too overwhelmed but  i will do my best to 2018 an excellent year.

That being said, a year can't be good without good books so it's time i start giving you my opinion on the first book of the year: a romance suspense by Debbie Herbert: Appalachian Prey.

Happy reading!!

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue
Publication: 2018
ISBN: 1335638962
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: strong
Language: normal
sex: mild
Public: 18+

Description from goodreads :

 Star-crossed lovers on Lavender Mountain…Danger awaits them both.

After her father’s murder, pregnant Lilah Tedder dreads facing deputy Harlan Sampson, her child’s secret father, who left her heartbroken. Though she still wants him, Lilah knows his professional ambition won’t let him associate with a moonshiner’s daughter. But when a killer targets Lilah, Harlan becomes more than her protector. Now they must uncover old family secrets or pay the ultimate price.

Star-crossed lovers on Lavender Mountain…Danger awaits them both.

After her father’s murder, pregnant Lilah Tedder dreads facing deputy Harlan Sampson, her child’s secret father, who left her heartbroken. Though she still wants him, Lilah knows his professional ambition won’t let him associate with a moonshiner’s daughter. But when a killer targets Lilah, Harlan becomes more than her protector. Now they must uncover old family secrets or pay the ultimate price.

My opinion:
          Very good! This book was perfect to start my year as i really loved it. It's a second chance romance if you want ( i'm not fond of those but in this case no cheating was involved only misunderstanding or something like that) but more importantly a romance suspense and i LOVE those! really when it's cold or raining outside staying in front of the fire immersed in a good investigation is a real pleasure. In this case it's even better as  there are several cases open on which our characters are investigating which make the story even more interesting.

Debbie Herbert wrote very realistic characters and we wouldn't be surprised to meet them at the turn of a street but it also make us want to stay on their side. Lilah is a wonderful woman, she grew facing difficulties but she didn't gave up and despite being from a family on the verge of the law ( to say the least) she became a good citizen. The fact people judged her because of her family sounded very unfair and made her even more admirable for staying true to her beliefs. She was hurt by Harlan while she also understand his reasons and because of that she was willing to let him free.

Harlan has big goals, he want to become sheriff to clean the area from crime.....more importantly he want to become a good man and not repeat the errors of his father however to do so he gets too easily influenced by public opinion so when his superior told him that a relation with Lilah would look bad on him and diminish his chance to be elected he just stop seeing her without explanation....on that side i  didn't like him. He is intelligent as we can see during his investigation but he also lacks courage for what is more important. I did appreciate to see him think about the past and what he really want and what he is willing to give up for that.

the investigation(s) led to some discoveries which added to my pleasure as i don't like guessing everything from the start and with several investigations it wasn't the case.

it's really a good romance suspense that i recommend with pleasure

Score:  4,5/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

jeudi 21 décembre 2017

Brazilian Surrender ( The Brazilians 3) by Carmen Falcone

Hello to all!

         The year is not over yet so you may still get a few review in 2017 however i must admit that since i'm really behind in my handcrafted gift making ( supposed to be finished before christmas^^) this is my priority as long as my health allows it and  these days it's not cooperating so i'm posting this later that i wished.

Anyway i got the opportunity to try a new to me author Carmen Falcone for her latest release Brazilian Surrender and while it's part of a series you can definitively start by this one as it's a perfect stand alone.

Happy reading

Publisher: Entangled Publishing. LLC (Ignite)
Publication: 2017
ISBN:  1640634347
Genre: romantic suspense
Violence: mild/strong

Language: normal
sex: very steamy
Public: 18+

 Description from goodreads :

  Psychology student Camila Duarte is finally on her own, living in NYC and away from her overprotective brothers. Her serenity quakes when she receives terrorizing letters. When the threats ramp up, she hires the best problem solver in the business to protect her and look for the criminal.

After losing his wife and kid, Jaeger Bauer left the NYPD and has one simple rule: don’t get attached. A job is just a job. Working close to Camila, however, puts his remarkable self-control to the test. He wants to pursue her, even though they are complete opposites and want different things. As the stakes get higher, Jaeger needs to choose between protecting his client…or surrendering to desire and jeopardizing the entire mission.

My opinion:
          This is my first story from this story and i must say that i hope it won't be the last because this book is part of a series -but can be read as standalone without any trouble at all- which i didn't know at first and now i would love to check the other books in it.

But  one thing at a time and now it start with Camila, she is a very kind and loyal  girl but she longs for anonymity and freedom so when she start receiving threats she chooses to find help outside her family and enter Jaeger who has his own security firm.... While Camila is very open and still naïve Jaeger is closed, still hurting from the deaths of his wife and son; he is very talented at what he does, very professional but his work is his own way to hide. So when he feels attraction for Camila at the first sight he hesitates before accepting her case but her innocence and persistence make it impossible to refuse.
When discovering that the threat is even more deadly he decides to even  take her home for her protection despite his attraction growing and his difficulty to hide it.

Camila is really resilient, we learn of her life before she had money and all what happened...still she always fought for what she believed in ( like studying despite dyslexia) and i found her admirable...this time too she will have to face a lot and she still will try to help Jaeger who isn't making things easy and will slowly open himself to her a bit.

The story is really steamy but i prefer not to explain why as it's kind of  part of the story in itself but i prefer to inform those who would prefer sweeter level. The investigation is well done, i appreciated that Jaeger had doubt  because of what happen it made it more believable but there were still some very dark and sad part ( hard not to cry a little for Torto)

All together it was really a good read and the fact it can be read as standalone is even better so if you are looking for a good steamy romance suspense i recommend you this one.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book

jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Magic Aflame ( The Peacesmith series 3) by Carly Hansen

Hello to all,

                       I wanted to post this a few days ago but i came accross technical difficulties added to bad news that took me down ( since then a wonderful news changed the whole situation thankfully) so i'm late and i'm sorry for that. I do plan to read more before the end of the year so you will get more posts but for new i must tell you about a new release in a series i follow with a lot of pleasure: The Peacesmith series by Carly Hansen

so without waiting longer here is my point of view on Magic Aflame

Happy reading.
Publisher: Carly Hansen
Publication: 2017
Genre: urban fantasy YA
Violence: strong

Language: normal
sex: none
Public: 16+
Source: earc

 Description from goodreads :

  The third book in a gripping, action-packed fantasy series readers are describing as "enchanting" and "a breath of fresh air".

When Fenix's fellow gang member Twain sneaks away and gets trapped in a dilapidated building, she races off to rescue him.

But she's not the only one seeking her fallen colleague.

Enemies stewing with grudges against Alda and the gang are out to exploit Twain's misfortune.

On a collision course with powerful forces hell-bent on revenge, Fenix has to draw on both her emerging magical powers and her fighting skills if she's to stop their deadly schemes. But the price she has to pay is high and she finds she must decide how far she'll risk her own life to save a friend.

My opinion:

           A series of's not always true that  series keep the same level of quality in the writing and in the content but so far with this one i haven't been disappointed at all; it still really well written and the suspense is still there making us want's even slightly better i would say.

Fenix is maturing but not too quickly which is good seeing her age and the  time between each book, poor girl keeps having things throw at her and she sure adapts better that i would. She is conscious of her responsibilities but she is also able to ask for help when needed and i really loved that about her. More importantly she is very loyal.

 i loved to see her ready to fight for what she believes in and at the same time preferring if other solutions were possible.  We learn a bit more about her powers in each book as she is discovering them or learning from Gaius however i would said that this time we do see her practice and  start believing in her powers more but we learn more about the villains for once....

Micha the vampire is still trying to be a good guy but he has some difficulties which kind of make me even more curious about what will happen. He does open more to Fénix as well - something which she still should do-

This time we are confronted to Alda big enemy who allied herself with Micha's so a war is brewing , lot of action and fight and in the middle of that  the same two police officers are trying to get a grip of what is happening ( for one at least the other is more on a revenge path) while completely blinded by their short views or misconceptions.

it's really a promising urban fantasy that i take pleasure reading and next book will be one i will look forward to.

Score:  4/5

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i voluntary reviewed this book. Source: a copy in exchange for an honest review